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    Letoltes is an online video downloader. Online video downloads can be made to mp4 or mp3 formats. Although we offer many conversion options for different websites, 99% of users will need mp4 or mp3, which is why we have them in abundance. Nearly 400 websites are supported by our video downloader. Some of these can be downloaded to mp3. Our website works well on both mobile and desktop devices. Letoltes is our favorite video downloader online. We'll not reveal the identities of any users who have sent us excited emails confirming this fact.

    download social videos online

    We work with all major social networks. Here you can save Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc videos to mp3 & mp4 in seconds, try it!

    Video to mp3 downloader

    If you need to download online videos to mp3 format, - we can help. Just give us a video page URL, and we'll offer multiple audio downloader options.

    YouTube video downloader

    Biggest video site in the world has lots of videos to download to mp4 and mp3. Here you can download YouTube as mp4 in HD, 1080p, 2k & 4k formats.

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    Here we don't joke around, our site is the faster online video downloader. Try it out. You will see, we give download options in under 1.3 seconds.

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    If you have a page with multiple videos on it, - web playlist (YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion), - we have online playlist downloader ready for you.

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    Our online video downloader is different. We don't push ads, we use https for secure, private browsing. Get in and get out without a trace. Enjoy!

    Save videos to mp4 to watch offline

    You can save videos to your device using our service in many ways. Some people don't have access to the internet at all these times. They can't view videos with constant buffering, even at the lowest quality or smallest data transfer sizes. If we don't do it now, most of us will still be able to recall times when we would open multiple browser windows and watch 3-4 videos, returning to them within 20-30 minutes when they were fully loaded. It would take 40 minutes to watch 10 minutes of unbuffered footage. Online lectures and lengthy presentations are best viewed offline, such as on the train. Letoltes allows you to download video online to mp4 or mp3 files. These can then be saved to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for offline access. You don't want to waste your data allowance watching the same video online and streaming it again and again. It is best to download it and stream it only once. Any data transfer will not be required for any future access to this video file.

    download video faster with shortcut

    This button is a clever shortcut for your browser. Although it looks like a regular bookmark, it contains a bit of javascript. It can be saved to your browser bookmarks tab by simply dragging and dropping it there with your mouse. If you click it later while watching video, it will take you here with the video link already in search box and the download options loading in just seconds!

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    Note: If you click the button now, it won't work because it requires a video page. You can use bookmarks to make it work. If you don't like it, simply delete the bookmark. It is a browser extension, but it's just a bookmark